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miss KOREA MEE the Third

Welcome to miss KOREA MEE the Third

Sophia Lee, previously a teacher, opened her first restaurant in New Jersey in 2002 with none-restauranteur experience before.
The main thing she focused and still focuses is to provide ‘good food’ to her customers.
The fresh ingredients, all natural and seasonal products from local markets accompanied by charming staffs, Sophia’s restaurant has been filled with loyal customers.
Now, she runs five restaurants, four in the city and one in New Jersey, and her stubborn-enough-belief on good quality of food and friendly service feeds hundreds of epicures on a daily basis.

miss KOREA BBQ on Third Floor stimulates not only the sense of rich taste but also aesthetic sensibility from its atmosphere.
Beautiful at first sight, beautiful taste on each bite and beauty benefits for your health,miss KOREA BBQ on Third Floor is ‘the beauty’ itself.

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