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miss KOREA MEE the Third

Welcome to miss KOREA MEE the Third (3rd Floor)

Founder and CEO of miss KOREA BBQ Sophia Lee is a schoolteacher turned restaurateur, who joined the restaurant industry with no previous experience in 2002 with the opening of her first restaurant in New Jersey. Her focus remains the same today as it was in the beginning: to provide good food to her customers.

miss KOREA BBQ’s all-natural, seasonally fresh ingredients are acquired from local markets. With great ingredients and charming staff, Sophia’s restaurants have always been filled with loyal customers. Now, she runs five restaurants, four in New York City and one in New Jersey, as her fixed belief in good, quality food and friendly service feeds hundreds of foodies on a daily basis.

miss KOREA MEE the Third not only stimulates the sense of rich tastes but also presents an aesthetic sensibility through its atmosphere. Beautiful at first sight, beautiful in each bite, and beautifully beneficial for your health, miss KOREA BBQ on the third floor is the embodiment of beauty itself.

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