korean barbecue

오! “복” 이 온다. 다섯 가지의 복을 한입에!

OBOK(Five Blessings 오복 五福) BBQ SET

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest and finest OBOK BBQ Set Menus!
In Korean culture, we believe there are five blessings that help us to live a joyful life. They are known as OBOK.
OBOK represents the five (“O”) blessings (“Bok”) people desire in their lives:
Longevity, Happiness, Love, Wealth, and Health. We want to bring you these blessings through our food!
***Each Obok Set Serves 2.

LOVE SET (사랑하자 爱) 103.95

*Unmarinated + Marinated

Marinated Boneless Short Rib 주물럭
Unmarinated Boneless Short Rib 꽃살
Marinated Short Rib 양념갈비
Beef Bulgogi 소 불고기
Your Choice of One Stew:
Doenjang Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae or Sundubu Jjigae


HAPPINESS SET (행복하자 幸福) 93.95


Beef Short Rib 양념갈비
Spicy Pork Belly 돼지 불고기
Chicken 닭구이
Beef Bulgogi 소 불고기
Your Choice of One Stew:
Doenjang Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae or Sundubu Jjigae

LONGEVITY SET (오래살자 长寿) 83.95


Pork Belly 삼겹살
Beef Tongue 혀밑구이
Thin Sliced Beef Brisket 차돌박이
Beef Boneless Short Rib 꽃살
Your Choice of One Stew:
Doenjang Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae or Sundubu Jjigae




miss KOREA BBQ uses only USDA Prime Certified Beef


Our beef comes from pasture-raised and grain finished cattle that are humanely treated by American Beef Cattlemen.
All of our beef is USDA Certified Prime or higher (American Wagyu) in marbling score. Using wet aging method and
dry aging method with utmost care, we bring you the best beef that are cut in Korean style BBQ.
Our commitment is simple: to introduce Korean BBQ with America’s highest quality beef and Korean foods.


miss KOREA BBQ proudly presents its signature ‘Clay Pot Galbi’ marinated in its original sauce,
then placed in a special clay pot for 48 hours to bring out the best texture and flavor of Galbi.

Hang-ali Yangnyeom Sogalbi 항아리 양념 소갈비    38.95
Short rib marinated in Korean clay pot *Spicy available

Kkotsal Yangnyeom Jumulluck 꽃살 양념 주물럭    38.95
Boneless short rib marinated

Yuksu Bulgogi 육수불고기    36.95
The famous Korean Bulgogi with variety of vegetables and glass noodles
*Add Naengmyeon Noodle 냉면사리 추가 6.00



We use USDA PRIME only.

Prime Seng Deungsim 프라임 생등심    41.95
USDA Certified Prime Boneless Rib Eye (10 oz). Wet Aged 2 weeks in cryovac. Juicy & tender

Prime Seng Kkotsal 프라임 꽃살    41.95
USDA Certified Prime Boneless Meat (10 oz). Wet aged 2 weeks. Highly marbled & tender

Prime Chadolbagi 프라임 차돌박이    36.95
USDA Prime Brisket Micro-Thin Sliced (12 oz). Experience the thinnest Korean BBQ. Juicy and flavorful

Prime Hyeomit Gui 프라임 혀밑구이    36.95
Micro thinly sliced all natural beef tongue (10 oz). Fresh white tongue from Aurora Plant IL


Dry Aged 10 oz.    45.95
USDA Prime rib eye dry aged for 4 weeks. Nutty, juicy and aged to tender. Like an old good wine. Best friend with kimchi.


Seng Ohrigui 생 오리구이    34.95
Duck Breast



Hang-ali Dwaeji Galbi 항아리 돼지갈비    32.95
Marinated pork short ribs in a special clay pot *Spicy available

Dwaeji Bulgogi 흑돼지 고추장 양념구이    32.95
Sliced spicy pork belly


Seng Samgyeopsal 흑돼지 생삼겹살    31.95
Thick sliced Berkshire pork belly

Daepae Samgyeopsal 흑돼지 대패 삼겹살    31.95
Thinly sliced Berkshire pork belly

Seng Mogdeungsim 흑돼지 생 목등심    31.95
1/2″ cut boneless Pork shoulder

Hang Jungsal 항정살    32.95
Pork jowl meat


Dak Gui 닭구이    31.95

Marinated chicken

Chuncheon Dak Galbi 춘천 닭갈비    32.95
Stir-fried chicken with onion, cabbage and sweet potato in red chili paste sauce
* Pan Fried Rice 볶음밥 4.00 / Add Cheese 2.50


Yachae Gui 야채 모듬구이    28.95

Tofu, assorted vegetables & mushroom

Haemul Gui 해물구이    41.95
Lobster Tail, shrimp, tuna and scallops


Try our mini noodle after BBQ
BBQ를 하신 후에는 미니 국수가 준비되어 있습니다

Cold Kimchi Noodles 김치 말이국수

Spicy Kimchi Noodles 김치 비빔국수

Seafood Noodle Soup 잔치국수

Buckwheat Noodles in Cold Beef Broth 물냉면

Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Spicy Sauce 비빔냉면