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BBQ 바베큐

*Cook your own BBQ with today’s chef special soup

Galbisal 갈비살    18.95
Marinated boneless beef short ribs

Yuksu Bulgogi 육수불고기    17.95
Thinly sliced marinated beef in special broth

Dwaeji Galbi 돼지갈비    16.95
Marinated premium pork short ribs
*Spicy available

Seng Samgyeopsal 흑돼지 삼겹살    16.95
Thick sliced pork belly

Seng Mokdeungsim 흑돼지 생목등심    16.95
Pork neck sirloin

Dwaeji Bulgogi 흑돼지 고추장 양념불고기    16.95
Sliced spicy pork belly

Dak Gui 닭구이    16.95
Marinated chicken




Dolsot Bibimbap 돌솥비빔밥 14.95
Rice topped with vegetables, raw egg and your choice in a sizzling stone pot

*Your choice of:
Beef Galbi 갈비구이 / Spicy Seafood 해물 /
Kimchi Bulgogi 김치 불고기 / Spicy Pork 제육 볶음 /
Marinated Chicken 닭구이 / Tofu & Mushroom(exclude egg) 두부와 버섯

Jinju Yukhoe Bibimbap 진주육회비빔밥    16.95
Rice topped with vegetables, raw beef, pine nuts and optional red chili paste

Jeonju Bibimbap 전주비빔밥    12.95
Rice topped with vegetables, beef and a fried egg
*Vegetarian available



STEW 찌개/탕

Sundubu 순두부    12.95
*Your choice of spice level

*Your choice of: Seafood 해물 /Dumpling 만두 /Beef 소고기 /Pork 돼지고기 /
Mixed(Beef & Seafood) 섞어 /Kimchi 김치 /Beef Intestines 곱창 /Vegetables(exclude egg) 야채

Boyang Samgyetang 보양삼계탕    15.95
Premium ginseng chicken soup with medicinal herbs

Budae Jjigae 부대찌개    14.95
Spicy kimchi with ham & sausage stew

Daegu Maeuntang 대구매운탕    14.95
Codfish stew with assorted vegetables and tofu in spicy broth

Daegu Jiritang 대구지리탕    14.95
Codfish stew with assorted vegetables and tofu

Altang 알탕    14.95
Codfish caviar with assorted vegetables in spicy broth

Galbitang 갈비탕    15.95
Beef short ribs soup with glass noodles
*Spicy available

Dak Bokkeumtang 닭볶음탕    14.95
Spicy braised chicken with potato

Gopchang Jjigae 곱창찌개    14.95
Spicy beef intestines stew

Yukgaejang 육개장    13.95
Spicy beef soup with scallions, mushrooms and glass noodles

Tteok Mandu Guk 떡만두국    12.95
Dumpling soup with rice cakes, sliced beef and scallions

Kongnamul Gukbap 콩나물국밥    11.95
Boiled rice in bean sprout soup
*Vegetarian available

Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개    11.95
Spicy Kimchi stew with pork, tofu and vegetables

Doenjang Jjigae 된장찌개    11.95
Soybean paste stew with tofu and vegetables




Haemul Kalguksu 해물 칼국수    14.95
Knife-cut noodles in seafood broth

Sagol Kalguksu 사골 칼국수    14.95
Knife-cut noodles in beef bone broth

Mul Naengmyeon 물냉면    12.95
Buckwheat noodles in cold broth

Bibim Naengmyeon 비빔냉면    14.95
Cold buckwheat noodles with spicy sauce

Kimchi Guksu 김치말이 국수    12.95
Noodles with kimchi in special broth

Kimchi bibim Guksu 김치비빔국수    12.95
Noodles and kimchi with spicy sauce

Yukhwe Mul Naengmyeon 육회 물냉면    16.95
Buckwheat noodles and marinated beef tartare in cold broth

Yukhwe Bibim Naengmyeon 육회 비빔냉면    16.95
Cold buckwheat noodles and marinated beef tartare with spicy sauce



miss KOREA Dosirak 미스코리아 도시락 $9.95
*Pick up only

A choice of Galbi, Bulgogi, Spicy Pork, Marinated Chicken
갈비, 불고기, 제육볶음 또는 닭구이 9.95 *tax not included

Dosirak is perfect for any kinds of outdoor event.
You don’t expect much on take out food? If so, you should think again.
Take out food can be amazing if it’s from miss KOREA.

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